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All openings for the Arete Scholars Louisiana 2013-14 pilot program have been filled. Should more funds become available, we will reopen the application process.

The application period for the 2014-15 school year will open in March for returning Arete students only. 

Fundraising efforts are ongoing and new applicants will be accepted as additional funds become available. Look for more information soon.

Become an Arete School 

Arete Scholars is committed to making excellent schools more accessible to low-income children. Click the button below to learn more about becoming a participating school.


Empowering low-income families in Louisiana

What's new in Louisiana?

Learn more about the Tuition Donation Rebate Program and all of the state's school choice options by visiting the Louisiana Department of Education

Arete Scholars Louisiana is the first School Tuition Organization (STO) authorized to administer the state's Tuition Donation Rebate Program. The program empowers qualified low-income Louisiana families with the financial resources to choose the high-quality nonpublic school that will best prepare their children for college and careers. In addition, the program offers substantial rebates to qualified donors. 

To be eligible for a scholarship, Louisiana students must:

  • be entering kindergarten, OR
  • be currently enrolled in and attending a Louisiana public school, AND
  • meet the following income guidelines
Number in Household Gross Annual Income Gross Annual Income Gross Annual Income
2 $28,694 $33,347 $38,775
3 $36,131 $41,990 $48,825
4 $43,568 $50,633 $58,875
5 $51,005 $59,276 $68,925
Each Additional $7,437 $8,643 $10,050
Scholarship Percent 100% 75% 50%
Scholarship Award (K-8) $4,048 $3,036 $2,024
Scholarship Award (9-12) $4,554 $3,415.50 $2,277

Expanding educational opportunity

Once approved and awarded a scholarship from Arete Scholars Louisiana, students may apply for admission directly to the qualified nonpublic school of their choice. (Click here for a full listing of approved schools for 2014-14.) Arete scholarships are offered on a first-applied, first-awarded basis. 

For elementary and middle school students, scholarship amounts cannot exceed the lesser of either the school’s tuition and mandatory fees or 80% of the state average per pupil funding. Scholarships are capped at 90% of the state average per pupil funding for high school students.

For the 2013-14 school year, Arete Scholars Louisiana will begin with a small pilot program, with plans to provide scholarships for at least 20 students. Complete the form on the left to determine if your child might be eligible to participate.

Make a difference in a child's life

All Louisiana tax filers are eligible to contribute to Arete Scholars Louisiana, and donors receive a 95% rebate from the state for qualified donations. That means a $100,000 contribution to Arete Scholars effectively costs just $5,000, while providing the educational opportunity of a lifetime to 20 low-income Louisiana children.

For more information about how students, schools and donors can participate in the Tuition Donation Rebate Program, please call Arete Scholars Louisiana at 877-246-4095.