Giving Back

Make a difference through budget-favorable tax credit giving programs.


Under the Louisiana Tax Credit Scholarship Program, any company or individual that pays Louisiana income tax may receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for approved donations to Arete Scholars.

Is this for real? An individual or corporation can redirect 100% of its state tax liability to K-12 education?

That’s right. The Louisiana Tax Credit Scholarship Program allows donors to receive dollar-for-dollar credits for approved contributions to Arete Scholars. In turn, Arete awards need-based K-12 scholarships to Louisiana children.

Why would the state do this?

Low-income students historically underperform in comparison to their peers, graduating high school at much lower rates and enjoying fewer career opportunities. Tax credit scholarships change that narrative by granting opportunities proven to help children succeed. Second, the program results in significant savings to the state by setting scholarship amounts lower than per student spending in local schools. Everyone wins when you can obtain improved academic results at a significantly lower cost.

Given private school tuition rates, is a scholarship worth $4,200-4,700 enough for low-income families?

Yes. In Louisiana, the average private school tuition is about $6,000, and many schools are deeply committed to educating students from all socio-economic backgrounds. A combination of parental contribution and school financial aid can make up any differences.

Who are your corporate partners?

More than 30 corporations of all sizes have generously supported our efforts. Some of our larger partners include Walgreens, Equifax, Dollar General, Waste Management, Staples, Gap, Hormel Foods, and the Chick-fil-A Foundation.

Who is eligible to donate to Arete?

Any corporation or individual that pays Louisiana income tax is eligible for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for qualified donations. Any unused credit may be carried forward for up to three years.

What is the process for making a donation and receiving a credit?

Complete the simple intent-to-donate form at You may donate up to 100% of your estimated Louisiana income tax liability and will earn a dollar-for-dollar credit for any portion of the donation designated for scholarships. By law, Arete may retain up to 5% for administrative expenses. Arete will provide donor receipts to be filed with returns.

How does the program affect public education?

Louisiana believes that all of its children deserve a great education, whatever schools their parents choose. Understanding that one-size-fits-all solutions are seldom best, the state supports traditional public, private, charter, virtual, and home school options for its students. The program ensures taxpayer savings, and these savings can remain invested in local schools.

Arete Scholars helps give disadvantaged children
a chance by giving their parents a choice.