Developing life skills that go far beyond the classroom

More Than Scholarships

Teaching skills for success in and out of the classroom

Our mission at Arete Scholars is to open doors of opportunity for low-income children. Central to opportunity and upward mobility is a high-quality education. While we are pleased to have helped more than 1,200 economically disadvantaged students gain access to better schools since 2010, we understand that's not enough for many kids.

The child living near or below the poverty line in a single-parent home often needs help knowing what steps to take after high school — college? vocational training?— and how to pursue a career. They may need help with life skills like goal setting and building healthy relationships. Many need a basic blueprint for life to help them think specifically about their future, and how practically to get there. 

That's the motivation behind Arete Foundations. The initiative will deliver evidence-based, outcome-measured programs to low-income students focused on three key areas: college and career readiness, healthy relationships, and character strengths. Students will participate in the Arete Foundations program either in the classroom with select partner schools or during special Saturday sessions in some locations. 

Coupled with our current scholarship funds, Arete Foundations is designed to holistically transform the lives of many of our most disadvantaged students.

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Arete Scholars helps give disadvantaged children
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