Arete Scholars is helping to break the barriers to academic and personal achievement by expanding access to high-quality educational opportunities.

Arete Scholars seeks to make the scholarship application as simple as possible for parents. To prepare for the online application, you will be required to have the following documents and information:

PROOF OF RESIDENCY (one of the following dated January 2018 or later)

  • Rental lease agreement or mortgage statement
  • Electricity / gas bill
  • Telephone bill (landline only)
  • Cable or internet service bill
  • Sewage / water bill
  • Current official letter from government agency
  • Homestead exemption notice
  • Property tax notice


Tax filers (must submit one of the following)

  • 2016 Federal Tax Return AND W-2s from all employers (period ending 12/31/17)
  • 2017 Federal Tax Return

Non-filers (must submit one of the following for period ending 12/31/17)

  • SNAP Benefits / Louisiana Purchase Card Benefits Statement
  • W-2s from all employers 
  • Unemployment Compensation Statement 
  • Social Security Benefits Statement 
  • Pension Statements