February 13th, 2019

Fighting for a better education

What would motivate one of our own, an out-of-shape, 50-year-old father of five, to fight? In a word, failure. 

We’re failing our kids. Barely 20% of 4th grade students from lower income families read at or above a proficient level. Only half read at even a basic level — and the numbers are no better in math and improve little with age.  

The outlook for these children is not bright. Lagging high school graduation rates, limited career opportunities, and a lifetime of unreached potential. Gifts are left undiscovered and unused. 

But that need not be the final word for our kids.  

Through partnerships with school communities, families, and corporate partners, we are helping rewrite that story by offering course-correcting opportunities to children in need. Arete operates from a simple belief — that every child from every family is created with unique talents and deserves the opportunity to learn in an environment where their gifts flourish.   

That means empowering parents — through need-based K-12 scholarships — to choose schools that best suit their kids. And since 2010, we’ve done that with more than 8,400 life-giving scholarships worth nearly $37 million.

The results are inspiring. Parental and student satisfaction are rising, academic achievement and life skills improving, graduation rates skyrocketing, and lives and communities changing. 

That’s a story worth fighting for. And that’s literally what Arete's own Buck Alford will do when he climbs in the boxing ring on Saturday, April 6th as a competitor in the 2019 Brawl for a Cause.  

Will you please stand in Buck's corner and help us raise awareness and support to grow our work?


  1. Donate. Your tax-deductible gift will help us create new educational opportunities for more children in need.
  2. Attend. We'd love to see you on fight night. Enjoy a black tie date night and a great night celebrating some of the region's most important causes. 
  3. Share. Please share our campaign with friends and on social media to help Arete and the team reach our goal.

Thank you for standing with us!

FUNDRAISING UPDATE: With more than seven weeks to go, we are more than halfway to our goal of $25,000 -- with nearly $13,000 already given!