February 27th, 2018  |  School Choice

Notice Regarding Applications


In Louisiana, the 2018-19 scholarship application period is open for new and returning students. Application deadline is currently set at May 31st, but is subject to change depending on the volume of applications. Click below to learn more and to apply for a K-12 scholarship in Louisiana.

For those who have already submitted a completed application: Arete Scholars - Louisiana will begin sending scholarship determination letters in late May, continuing throughout the summer. All scholarship notifications will be sent via email.

Eligibility Information   Apply Now - Louisiana

In Georgia, the 2018-19 scholarship application period for returning students is closed. Thank you all for applying. Due to the statewide program cap being met on January 2nd, we will not be opening to new applicants in Georgia. 

Having trouble completing your application? Contact TADS, our third-party application processor, at 800-477-8237.

Have other questions?

In Georgia, email mhicks@aretescholars.org
In Louisiana, email maryhw@aretescholars.org