Here are answers to questions frequently asked by Georgia parents.

General Questions

  • Who is Arete Scholars?

    We are a nonprofit organization that helps under-resourced children reach their highest potential by providing them with new educational opportunities. We opened our doors in 2010 and have awarded nearly 20,000 K-12 scholarships across the country worth $88 million.

  • How many students do you serve?

    Since 2010, we’ve awarded nearly 20,000 scholarships to children in Georgia and Louisiana. In 2024-25, nearly 3,000 Arete scholars are attending the school of their parents choice.

  • Where does Arete Scholars operate?

    We currently provide private K-12 scholarships to lower income students in Georgia and Louisiana. In Georgia, Arete operates under the Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship Program. In Louisiana, we operate under the state’s Tuition Donation Credit Program.

  • How are your scholarships funded?

    Arete scholarships are funded primarily through tax credit donations from corporate and individual partners. In Georgia, donors are eligible to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for eligible contributions. In Louisiana, donors receive a 95% state tax credit for eligible donations. 

  • Who is eligible to receive a scholarship?

    The specific guidelines vary by state but, in general, students must be transferring from local public to private schools AND must meet the income guidelines for the federal free and reduced lunch program.

  • When do you accept new applications?

    We generally open applications in February or March for the following school year. Returning students always receive priority, and new applications are accepted only if funds are available for new scholarships. There is a $30 third-party processing fee to complete an application. Arete receives none of this fee.

  • Is there a scholarship application fee?

    Yes. Families must pay a $30 application and processing fee for each applicant. The fee is paid entirely to our third-party application provider and Arete does not profit a penny.

Georgia Questions

  • Who is eligible for a scholarship?

    Students entering either K4, K5 or 1st grade, students who attended a public school for at least one full grading period during the most recent school year, and students who received a Georgia tuition tax credit scholarship from any state approved Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) in the previous year. In addition, to receive a full scholarship, families must meet the income guidelines for the federal free and reduced lunch program.

  • What is the dollar amount of the scholarship?

    Arete sets the scholarship amounts each year, based on funding and state limits. The scholarships are awarded on a sliding scale based on your income. Funding for the award begins on the day your scholarship is awarded, the first day of school, or the student’s first day of private school, whichever is later. The maximum scholarship is currently $4,900, based on income and available funding.

  • What does the scholarship cover?

    The scholarship covers tuition, books, registration, transportation, uniforms, testing and other fees, in that order until the maximum award is reached. All covered services or goods must be offered directly from and paid to the school chosen.

  • What private schools accept Arete scholarships?

    All private schools in Georgia that meet the established eligibility guidelines may accept Arete scholars. We ask any school that enrolls an Arete scholar to sign our school participation agreement. If your school of choice does not currently participate with Arete, please have them contact our office at 404-445-7262.

  • Do I have to choose a school when I apply?

    No. But private school seating is often limited and many schools have an application process. The sooner you select a school the better your chances of being accepted. On the application choose Undecided as your school choice. We will update that once you’ve selected a school.

  • Is my scholarship award transferable to another school in Georgia?

    Yes. We understand that not all schools - even the best ones - work for all children all the time. Unlike scholarships from most other student scholarship organizations, the Arete award follows your child to any eligible and participating private school in Georgia. Simply contact our office and let us know that you intend to switch schools. Arete will work to settle accounts with your previous school and determine the remaining scholarship amount to be paid to your new school.